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Students and staff could face disciplinary procedures if they fail to adhere to the language policy, but some have accused Cardiff Metropolitan of restricting their free speech, labelling the policy an “insulting” attempt to dictate their choice of words.

During my time with Walthamstow escorts I have met all sorts of guys, but never a guy who likes to wear women’s knickers before.“Referring to ‘same-sex’ and ‘other-sex’ relationships is a good option,” the document reads.“Nobody likes being lumped together in a group, so try to avoid generalised terms such as ‘the disabled’, ‘the blind’,” it continues.I find the practice of cross dressing a little bit hard to relate to, but at the same time, I really like this guy.He is the sort of guy I would like to have in my life, but I am not sure if I would like him as a friend or a lover.

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